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  • Do you need to adapt a project to the standards of the CIS, the EU, and the USA?
  • Do you need a support of system engineers (MBSE specialists) to implement projects with a large set of data, a development of requirements management or service documentation system?

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We are an engineering company Vostok which unites highly qualified engineers. We carry out a full range of outsourcing project services in the sphere of railway transport and general engineering at a comfortable price. We carry out expertise and design support of projects. We develop projects for the modernization of rolling stock. We adapt the projects to the required standards. We provide services for remote engineering support of enterprises and other engineering services.

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There is no costs for temporary additional staff, missing jobs and software. The cost of our services is lower than that in EU and the USA.

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You focus on achieving the project goal. We will do the routine work and prepare the necessary technical documentation using our technical, software and human resources.


Online control over the performance of work. Qualified personnel work most effective and efficient on highly-productive equipment and the latest software.

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The total experience of our team of engineers is more than 400 years


We took part in realization of 11 international projects

20 000

We released more than 20 000 drawings

We can accompany projects of

Freight and passenger electric locomotives and diesel locomotives

Electric trains

Diesel trains

Open-cast electric locomotives

Projects for modernization of diesel locomotives into battery-powered ones

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Some of Our Projects

Participation in the development of the Russian experimental electric locomotive 2EV120 «Knyaz Vladimir»

Customer: Bombardier Transportation GmbH (Canada) See contacts Director: Steffen Gey Mobile Phone: +41 76 369 29 12 Work Phone: +41 44 586 49 99 E-Mail:

Country of construction: Russia, Engels Locomotive Plant

Realization Time: 2014 - 2016 гг

Read about the locomotive «Knyaz Vladimir» in Wikipedia

Project Description:

We took part in the development of the 2-section Electric Locomotive 2EV120 as a Subcontractor of the Canadian Company Bombardier Transportation GmbH (Canada). The project was realized by the Russian First Locomotive Company (Pervaya Lokomotivnaya Kompaniya). Purpose of an electric locomotive: delivery of freight trains weighing up to 9 000 tons at a distance of more than 3 000 km.

The electric locomotive 2EV120 was designed on the basis of family of the Bombardier TRAXX Electric Locomotives, but with some modifications. For example, it became the first locomotive in the world capable of operating in minus 55 degree weather.

The maximum speed of the locomotive when driving a freight train is 120 km/h, while for a long trip it is 100 km/h. 2EV120 works both on alternating current and on direct current.

It became the first freight locomotive in Russia which can pass sections of differently electrified railway lines (without special docking stations and change of locomotive) and lead trains with a mass of 7 to 9 thousand tons.

Each section 2EV120 can be equipped with a diesel generator set with a power of up to 500 kW, which gives the electric locomotive the ability to move in emergency conditions on de-energized sections within 6 hours.

«Knyaz Vladimir» was successfully tested and is prepared to be launched into batch production. In 2015, the electric locomotive was presented at the EXPO 1520 Exhibition as one of the main exhibits, where it was highly appreciated by railway transport experts.

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We completed:

  • The client was provided with expert support for adapting the technical documentation of the locomotive to the requirements of GOST (All-Union State Standard) and other normative acts of Russia. Drawings for certification were prepared.
  • The engineering staff of the companies was provided with communication in English and German.
  • More than 20 000 drawings of different complexity were made.
  • We completed all tasks set by the client, including additional ones.
  • Support was provided for changes in design documentation during the construction of prototypes of the locomotive.
  • The documentation was issued in two languages: EN and RU.
  • The project was completed with a full satisfaction of the parties.

Work in the sphere of the MBSE in cooperation with DB Systemtechnik GmbH


Work in the field of system engineering (MBSE) in cooperation with DB Systemtechnik GmbH. Creation of a remote assistance system for the driver by issuing ready-made instructions for action in an emergency situation. This is achieved by simulating the processes of faults and analysis of error codes of the control system and error codes of locomotive subsystems in order to identify the real causes of their occurrence.

System Engineering (MBSE) was actively developed in the design of complex systems and was actively used in the aerospace industry, in particular within the space program of NASA. Today, system modeling has become widely used in automotive, mechanical engineering, etc. Our company became one of the first in the CIS that began using system engineering in the field of rail transport design.

► Actuality of System Engineering in Locomotive Engineering

  1. One of the most accessible formats for standardizing knowledge about the elements of the infrastructure and the ways of their interaction, which allows creating a knowledge base of artificial intellect which will solve the problems of:
    • Automatic driving (control without the driver) of trains
    • Creation of a complex industry system for managing requirements for infrastructure elements and their components
    • Creation of a complex automated system of diagnostics and maintenance for the state of all infrastructure elements
  2. The best tool for analysis of structures and systems which allows you to eliminate errors at the design stage

► Where lead errors when designing?

  • Only 28% of the projects meet the planned time and budget.
  • The release of the product later than 6 months of the specified period may cost 30% of the planned 5-year return on investment.
  • More than 45% of the development budget can be spent on rework and error correction.
  • Fixes of errors detected during the developmental prototype or during the operation cost 200 times more expensive than the errors detected in the early stages.

System engineering is an indispensable condition for the successful integration of high-tech projects in any industry.

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We plan to implement:

  • Development of a methods for implementing similar projects.
  • Creation of a knowledge base on locomotives, infrastructure elements and the processes of their interaction.
  • Development of structural models of locomotives.
  • Development of activity diagrams.
  • Development of methods for creating technical requirements for locomotives and their components based on system models.
  • Development of service and cost models of maintenance and repair of locomotives.
  • Building of a remote assistance system for the driver by issuing ready-made instructions for action in an emergency situation. This is achieved by simulating the processes of faults and analysis of error codes of the control system and error codes of locomotive subsystems in order to identify the real causes of their occurrence.
  • Creation of models of interaction between the locomotive and external elements of the transport infrastructure with the aim to solve problems of ensuring traffic safety minimizing the driver’s errors in the process of locomotive control.
  • We completed models of a number of locomotives on the basis of standards:

    • EN 15380-2- Products

    • EN 15380-4 - Functions

    • EN 15380-5 - Systems

    Proposals were prepared to improve the standards and correct errors in their content. Methodical consultations on the further course of the project are being conducted.

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Project for Modernization of the Diesel-Locomotive Shunter into the Battery Locomotive (LOCOBATT)

To attention of investors! Initiative development of the company "Vostok"

Customer: Initiative development of Vostok

Realization Country: Germany

Realization Time: 2013-2017 гг

Project Description:

We created a conceptual project for modernization of the diesel-locomotive shunter into the battery locomotive powered by an accumulator battery. The prototype was the locomotive ChME 3 that is widespread on the CIS market. We developed the basic methodological principles for implementing similar projects using MBSE which will speed up the modernization process of other types of diesel locomotives through the unification of components. The payback period of modernized battery locomotives: 5 - 7 years.

Electric Battery Locomotives:

  • Do not require fuel
  • Have a high coefficient of fault tolerance by reducing the number of parts for 2 000-5 000.
  • Have a low cost of life cycle
  • Payback is on average for 5-7 years
  • Have a low noise level
  • Preserve the environment
  • Easy to maintain and control

According to experts, all vehicles - cars, buses, trucks, tractors, locomotives will be electric by the 30th year. Diesel locomotives will be gradually replaced by autonomous electric locomotives.

  1. Economic Advantages of Modernization of the Diesel Locomotive Shunter into the Battery Locomotive:
    • There is no need for further electrification of the railways.
    • Complete elimination of the costs of maintenance of infrastructure and personnel associated with fuel and accompanying ICE lubricants.
    • Elimination of costs associated with the introduction and operation of systems to prevent theft of fuel.
    • The maintenance and component base of the running gear and braking system maintenance is maintained.
    • Reduction of qualified service personnel due to a significant reduction in the components of the locomotive requiring maintenance and repair.
    • The use of the remote locomotive monitoring and diagnostics system allows timely elimination of shortcomings, reducing the delay time.
    • Low cost of product life cycle, in comparison with diesel locomotives.
  2. Environmental Benefits:
    • Absence of emissions into the atmosphere, clean air.
    • Noise reduction in the city.
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Our company will develop a project for the modernization of any shunting diesel locomotive necessary for the customer, based on the standards of the country of operation and will accompany the conversion process on the production site agreed upon with the customer. We invite investors and interested companies for the implementation of similar projects in different countries of the world

Why we are interesting


Only our company has been developing projects for the modernization of single locomotives and small series at a reasonable cost. It is not profitable for big companies- producers.

We can work in one time zone with the customer

We can use any number of staff (up to 100 people and above) for your project


We prepare the documentation in:

We work with the project documentation in the standards agreed with the customer:

We work with the basic data from different CAD systems etc.
The data is transmitted in the format required by the customer


We use modern design systems of PTC (USA) in cooperation with PDM and PLM Windchill

Projects are accompanied by system engineers with the ability to build system models of products and processes based on SysML (MBSE)

We organize work on a cloud server with ON Line control over the progress of work for large projects

Consistency and safety

The high-priority task is to meet the needs of our customer and ensure the confidentiality of his data. Legally, this is ensured by a confidentiality agreement.

Physical protection of data is realized by modern software and the advantages of the northern technology NVIDIA GRID

7 Facts About Us


In 5 years, we’ve become one of the most progressive engineering companies in the Eastern Europe. We were the first in our space who integrate system engineering (MBSE) into the field of locomotive building.


Only our company has been developing projects for the modernization of single locomotives and small series at a reasonable price. It is not profitable for big companies-producers.


Our projects on the modernization of diesel locomotives into battery locomotives help solve the environmental problems of mankind and exploit problems of our customers.


We are not producers. Our main line of business is outsourcing of project services. We are interested in preserving the confidentiality of your data and your business reputation.


We are participants in 11 international projects in the field of locomotive building.


In 2014 and 2016, we’ve become exhibitors of the largest railway forum InnoTrans in Berlin.


The electric locomotive, in the development of which we took part, was presented at EXPO 1520 Exhibition as one of the main exhibits, where it was highly appreciated by railway transport experts.

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